Liver Disease and Loss of Appetite

It is not unusual for someone with cirrhosis to suffer loss of appetite.  This can be particularly concerning at a time when nutrition is of the utmost importance.

After my friend, who had cirrhosis,¬†began losing his appetite, getting him to eat became quite a struggle. I invested in a good, reasonably priced juicer and purchased a book re juicing. “The juice from raw fruits and vegetables has powerful healing and rejuvenating properties that can help people with all sorts of health problems” (Dr. Sandra Cabot – The Liver Doctor).

Great Reasonably Pricer Juicer

Breville Juice Extractor

I had the greatest success getting him to ingest nutrients by juicing. My friend’s favorites were juice concoctions that contained carrots or beets. When choosing fruits and vegetables for juicing, try to buy organic. Buying organic food can help one avoid many pesticides and chemicals, and can help support liver health and function.Raw Juices Can Save Your Life

If you are preparing meals for someone with appetite issues, do not overwhelm them with large quantities of food. Try throughout the day to provide very small meals that include the foods they are willing to eat.

After consulting with your health care provider, you may also want to consider a nutritional supplement. We used Ensure, Boost and Resource.

Resource Nutritional Supplement

I would also suggest a visit to one the liver support message boards for practical eating suggestions from people who have liver disease and their loved ones. Visiting these boards is also helpful, because, in a world filled with people who are constantly dieting and trying not to eat, it can be difficult for people who have no experience with liver disease to understand dealing with lack of appetite.

Raw Juices Can Save Your Life

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